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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Thankful Post

So I know I'm a day late getting this up...but it was a late night coming back from Molalla and and early morning today for me working retail Black Friday madness. I'm so glad to be home. Hubby has run up to the corner Irish pub to grab me a reuben sandwich and then we are watching the new episode of Gold Rush on dvr. I told him he has to wait on me tonight since I worked almost 14 hrs today!!! Anyway, I did want to take some time to share some things I have been really thankful for this  year, people, places & things!

1. My sweet, crazy, loyal hubby, without which the first year of marriage would have been dull :) we made it through together and are better people on the other side of all the changes, trials, and tribulations.

2. My sweet little sister, who traveled with me cross country from AL to OR in  loaded down Toyota Celica for 4 days with my kitty, without her this journey would have been so much harder, she kept me sane and reminds me everyday how grown up she's become:) she's a rock for strength for me when I have been unsure of decisions, reassuring  me along the way that things will get better.

3. Jimmy's mom and my parents, who never for a minute questioned our motives to move across the country only 6 months after marriage. They have been awesome, understanding, and so so supportive of Jimmy and I.

4. My best friends, Heather, Jenni and Crystal who have already been out to visit in my new Portland diggs and who I can pick up the phone and talk to for hours even if it's been weeks or months between calls. They are always there:)

5. The wonderful company I've worked for for almost 7 years, who allowed me to transfer and gave me a job immediately, and who's people, upper management and mentors have put faith and time and training  into my career a  I continue to grow as a manager in this business.

So many other little things that I can't even begin to list now, but a roof over my head, our  gorgeous surroundings in the Pacific northwest, and the life ahead. Thank you Lord, for all these blessings, small and large. Sincerely, The Hollisters

Goodnight friends!! Wishing you a happy thanksgiving to you & yours.

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