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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home decor projects by ME!

Hi friends! I am here today to share a quick little 'makeover' that I did of a large wicker sleeper sofa that I inherited from my Meemaw. Not sure why, but this particular couch just holds alot of memories for me from Christmas parties, dinner nights after dance class at my Meemaw and Peepaw's house, as well as Mardi Gras parades, piling up with my little sis and taking photos in our handmade halloween costumes. That is why I wanted it when we were going thru and cleaning out their house. I was not very fond of the pattern on the couch itself so I took on the daunting task of redo-ing all the cushions. With the help of a very sweet friend at  work who happens to be a master tailor, we did them all in just a few hours! The funny part is I started recovering it myself last summer but didn't get the cushions done until the week before my wedding when I knew we would have people staying with us! LOL! So more than a year later...but it's finally done! I have a color scheme of taupe, yellow and black in the living room. So I wanted to tie them altogether. I later made some larger cushions from the extra fabric for the other couch. The white wicker isn't really  my style but Jimmy loves this couch cause it's long enough for him to lay down and take a nap without his feet falling off! LOL! So here are some photos:

The first one is of me re-upolstering the couch on a rainy July afternoon...last year. Jimmy took the pics!

 this one you can still see the old flower fabric.
 Here's a shot of Carmella napping on the couch yesterday afternoon.

 And now she covers her face!
 And this is the finished project!!! 

 And the other couch we have covered in a taupe slip cover...that sadly already needs replacing cause Carmella has already clawed the arms half to death! Don't forget the Oregon blanket!
 These are some little 4x6 frames I did with 'Hollister' for Jimmy's bday to hang in our dining room. Goes pretty well with the Jerry Garcia concert posters we got in New Orleans. LOL.

Ok well that's all I have to share today. I am constantly thinking how can I make this tiny apartment look just a little better! We have lived here going on 3 years and are ready to move very soon. although alot of times I hate it, I know we've made lots of memories here and we will always look back on this place as one of our first places together as Mr and Mrs!! 
Until next time, peace y'all~VV

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