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Friday, June 15, 2012

friday randomness & ramblings

Hi everyone! I know this isn't normal for me to post 2 days in a row, I've got to get better about posting, but well I just felt like sharing some random pictures from the past few weeks and also just get some input...MY WEDDING IS IN 4 MONTHS AND 5 DAYS EXACTLY! I am starting to get a little overwhelmed I think. Everytime I sit down to do something on my 'wedding timeline' that I carefully laid out, I feel like I would just rather do something else, like scrapbook for example! Or go to the pool! Is this the normal reaction for a bride to be?? I'm not really sure. I know things will get done it just seems like it won't right now.  I have completed a few wedding crafts that I was planning on doing and I have picked out alot of the smaller things for the wedding, along with a few big things, but there's still just so much!! AH! I am just feeling really weird right now about the fact that I don't want to do any planning, and well I'm just not sure that's normal. Maybe it's just a phase and it will pass, I hope.

okay, well on to share some lovely picture randomness! First, some yummy scrapping things:

 i just got these a few days ago...can't wait to really play with them!!! :)
 And the postman brought my yummy Purple Pumpkin May giveaway prize pack the other day too!
 A bunch of new stuff on my desk, ready to be played with!!!
 i just love this picture. It inspires me!! (taken at Antiques @ the Loop Mobile, Alabama)
 I also like this pic...really cool hallway.
And all the yummy buttons i went home with that day from the antiques i love vintage.

Okay, now for some fun summer pics of me and my man and his best friend Mike. Most of these are from instagram. I would love a reccomendation as to where/who I can print these because I would love to use some for scrapping! I have a big batch of photos that I need to order soon and about half of them are instagram!!
 My honey bear:)
 Mike says 'I love Tacky Jack's bushwackers!' me too Mike!
 My self portrait on the deck at Tacky Jack's.
 Oh man. gotta love some fresh seafood. Raw oysters are definatley a fave!
 Royal REDs are the bomb!!

 My new DC* flip flops and teal-painted toes!!
Okay, that's all for now!! TA TA! Enjoy the rest of your Friday :D Until next time, Peace Ya'll~ VV


  1. i need to come play in your space! have fun with the goodies

  2. yeah well it's just the spare room right now. i'll have to clean it up a bit more and take some good pictures of it to share soon! i bet you have more fun stuff to play with on your desk tho! LOL!!