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Monday, April 23, 2012

Class Project for COTC {Burlap & Frame Earring Holder}

Good evening all, I am here tonite to share with y'all some  scrappy good news! In my scrappy life this week, I was able to get the mojo' goin and put together 24+ embellishment kits and finish a mock-up frame for the class project that Leanne and I are teaching at Croppin' on the Coast starting May 4th,5th, and 6th. I am so excited about it all! The only thing left to do is get more frames and just make sure we have enough supplies, better to have more than enough in case! I am hoping we are able to teach the class 2 times, with 12 participants in each class! If we don't sell it out we can always teach it again next year or possibly pursue teaching it at another convention. This was really my first time putting into focus what I think I would like to do with this little 'business' of mine and I think a large part of it will be original embellishments. The other exciting news is that Leanne and I have been asked to be the 'Swap Coordinators' for COTC which is super fun! I can't wait for this little mini-vacay/  fun scrappy girls weekend to get here! May 3rd hurry up!!! The other news is that I was able to complete another project for the Scrappin' Frenzy Design team call and get everything turned in right on time... I did I mini album about the day that Jimmy proposed to me while we were on vacation in Portland! I was in such a hurry though that I didn't take any pictures of it, but it turned out super super cute!!!! I can't wait to share it on here when I get it back. They are supposed to make announcements about the new 2012 by May 1st so I will know something before vacay begins. Okay, well I will go ahead and share with you a few pictures of the mock up frame and some others of the kits!!! So excited it feels like it's all coming together:)

 the frame before I distressed it and added goodies.
 another idea for the middle of the frame
 pink zebra!!!
 the frame, finished, hanging on the wall!

 close up of the goodies!!

 "the creative process is NEVER tidy".
 My $4 steal from the antique store today!!
 Some completed embellishment kits:

 red/black/white kit with zipper flowers and cameo
 Pink/yellow/green butterfly kit with felt and pearl applique
 pink/yellow/tan kit with fabric adornment and 2 resin flowers
 pink/blue/brown kit with felt layered flower and buttons
 Red/black/white kit with musical acrylic jewel and handmade 'musical' layered flower
 pink/white/black zebra kit with vintage resin buttons 
 orange/yellow/red/tan kit with vintage fabric covered buttons and large layered flower
 excuse the bad photo! (LOL Jimmy took these) teal/aqua/black kit with animal print layered flower and feathers
 hippy girl kit with tye-dye shell embellishment and felt layered flower
 brown/mixed kit with ecru distressed paper tags and metal embellished flower
 yellow/white/tan kit with gold accented layered flower and fabric accent, yellow resin flowers
 orange/black/grey kit with vintage metal buttons and shimmery large button flower
All of the completed kits layed out  together! Aren't they cute?! More to come, more to come...I plan on making about 6-8 more before the retreat, just to have extras. In the meantime, I've got a long 9 day stretch ahead of me in my retail life, including a bridal show Sunday! At least they're not all closing shifts. Gotta get back into a more normal sleeping pattern though, been staying up till 2am the past 2 nights just cause I'm so pumped about all this stuff! LOL okay seriously, it's bedtime. Until next time, peace y'all~ VV