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Friday, June 14, 2013

everything's new**


Hi friends! It feels like I have been ignoring blog land lately, well I haven't done it on purpose it's just I've been kinda busy. I just moved 2,800 miles from Mobile, Alabama to Portland, Oregon! The journey is finally over, all that's left to do is finish setting up our house and get settled in with new furniture, decor, new projects I want to make until this place is just how I want it. It's going to take alot of work, but it's exciting all at the same time- a new city to explore, new surroundings, a new job (with the same company) everything is new! When we first got here last Sunday, I had a few mini breakdowns. I was so overwhelmed at the amount of stuff to be done and stuff to buy, now I am feeling a little better about it since our out of town guests are gone. I have 3 days to get some more projects done until I go back to work. It has really been an experience driving across the country and getting to see the USA from the road! It was a fun trip. So I don't have any fun crafty stuff to share today, but I do have LOTS of good pictures I took from the and my sis in my loaded down little Toyota with my kitty cat driving the whole way! So I hope you enjoy will be seeing these very soon in my projects, I plan on making a 'ROAD TRIP' album as soon as i can get my studio set up and these babies printed, but for now ENJOY :) They are kind of out of order!

What in the world would we do without instagram? Right? I was already addicted but since this trip I've pretty much decided I will probably only scrap instagrams from now on...for one they are the perfect size and for 2 you get to edit and share them immediately! If you are a blog follower, I would love if you'd follow me on instagram @khhollister

Until next time Y'all~ VV

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