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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12.12.12 lucky day post: wonderful washi...

Hello everyone!!! One of my favorite things about this time of year is making gifts for family and friends. I absolutely love giving handmade gifts because they are the best and most heartfelt! I had to pick a 'favorite thing' for a special sale we were having at Scrapping Frenzy last week, and I picked WASHI TAPE! I was only introduced to this stuff probably 6 or so months ago but I absolutely LOVE it! And if you don’t know what washi is yet…well honey, you are in for a surprise!!! Here is a lovley pic of some:

The first thing I will say that I really LOVE about washi is that it is repositionable! Which is great for those scrappers like me who tend not to really ‘plan’ a layout or project more so than just going with the flow until we are happy with it! So you can stick this stuff down, take a look, and move it if you like, and it doesn’t hurt your paper or background at all, isn’t that cool! I have lots of ideas to share with you today about how you can use your washi tape. This stuff really is so versatile, it goes beyond scrapbooking, you can use it for home decor even! Are you ready, let’s go!
The first and most basic way to use washi is to use it as a piece of layering/texture on your layout. It is somewhat transparent which is nice when you are adding it to your page. Here are a few pictures of how I used washi as a part of layering on a layout:

The second way you can use washi is as a decorative border or edge on an off the page project. For this project, I recovered a cardboard initial with scrapbook paper and embellishments, gave it a few coats of mod podge, then added 2 kinds of washi tape to the edge to give it a more finished look. After I had my washi in place, I mod podged over it too so it would be glossy. Here are some pics:

Some other simple ways you can use washi to add interest to your projects are by making your own banners or mini flags. I like making these and have used them alot on my pages lately! Along with using manila tags for journaling, I think I am pretty much addicted to making banners! LOL! The simpliest way is to cut strips of white cardstock or even white filler paper since it’s thinner and put your washi in strips covering it. Then trim the edges as you like and make a little banner using whatever fibers or ribbon you have laying around. For making mini flags, I like to use floral pins, cause they are cheap, you could also use regular decorative stick pins if you have some of those lying around. Do the same thing as a flag and adhere it to the pin using Glossy Accents or even regular scotch tape. Here are some pics of some flags and a banner I made this morning:

 So you heard me mention how much I love manila mini tags!? Well I figured out another use for them other than journaling…decorate them with washi! It’s as simple as adding a strip to the bottom and a few stamps and you’re done. If you wanted a more vibrant tag, you could layer several types of washi in strips across it and that would be really neat. Here’s a picture of the tag I decorated:
So these next few ideas I can’t take credit for, I was doing some research and I came across and entire Pinterest board for washi tape ideas!!! OMG I am in heaven now. I have already saved to to my favorites page LOL! Here are some of my favorite ideas from the Pinterest board using washi on home decor items:
1.  washi tape jars with matching spoon and twine:
2. washi tape tealights:
3. washi tape binder clips: ( I <3 span="span" these="these">
4. Washi tape decorated milk-glass vases:
And last but not least, my favorite home decor project using washi, a cool wreath with clothespins! So cheap and easy to make, what a great all-year round decor idea!
5. Washi tape wreath:
Are you excited to get your hands on some washi tape now! The possibilities are endless, right? Scrapping Frenzy has a large selection of washi tape as well as the fabric tape and cello tape in Disney themes, perfect for any project! I know it's definatley on my Christmas list...all the stuff to make this awesome year-round wreath :) Happy holiday crafting, friends!! Until next time~ Peace y'all~VV


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